Upwards Counseling - What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

"I have been doing Christian Counseling for years, and have been to just about every type of training out there. Upwards Counseling is the next step up in counseling. Barbara's skill and keen spiritual insight, in counseling ministry brought me true deliverance and freedom. I now have been walking in a deeper level of my true identity. I have peace with the Lord, but it is amazing the much deeper sense of peace I am now living in. It's like there are no missing inner parts of me. I found deeper freedom. I found deeper peace. I found Upwards Counseling."
~ BD from S.C. USA.

"Until the veils of darkness are lifted from your life, you simply stay stuck. And as much as you may want change in your life – less bondage, more freedom – without being able to get to root causes and heal at the root level, you will always feel like you are living life running an uphill battle. Believe me, I know. As a 62-year-old Christian woman who always had personal growth and transformation as my life focus, despite all the endeavors for more freedom, more fruits of the spirit, it was always a very elusive and frustrating journey, until Anazao. Working with Barbara, I was able to understand the root causes, and then free the parts of myself that were so inextricably woven into the dysfunction I was living. Once the parts were recognized, and the veils lifted, then all it took was a personal decision (God gives us freewill to choose or not choose) to let the part of myself associated with the dysfunction go. When this process happened, slowly I began to change inside. I was less afraid, more confident. I got clearer revelation. I had greater faith and understanding in all matters that concerned me. Without demonic veils blocking my connection to God and all that is good I was now able to be more the person God originally designed. The Anazao work is a process and not a one shot deal, but worth every cent spent to be able to live and walk in the freedom God always intended for us. It was the key that unlocked my prison door, and truly there is no price too high for this kind of freedom."

~ L.V. South Carolina.

"I had been searching for real freedom in my life for a long time, and was unsure if I would ever obtain in in this life. A friend introduced me to Anazao and Upwards Counseling, and I started doing some sessions with Barbara. This was a true life-changing experience and my life will never be the same. I am walking in such freedom, and find that I have a confidence, peace and contentment I have never experienced before. I thank God for finding myself and the true person he created me to be."
~ LLH in North Carolina

"As a result of working with Barbara, I have been able to move forward in ways that I could have never imagined before working with her. My thoughts are much clearer and I am able to understand how past traumas in my life prevented me from being able to live full and free. I don't have to work at living anymore. I can simply live. Truly transforming."
~ LB in North Carolina

"Because of the Anazao Counseling model my life has been, and continues to be, transformed! For the last 20 years or so I have been searching for answers - always trying to understand what was wrong and to “fix” me. I had come to the conclusion in this time of searching that God must have made a mistake – that there was something fundamentally wrong with me, something that might never be made right.

With much of my childhood missing from memory (which I came to believe was normal), I searched for answers to all the wrong questions. I searched for answers in everything but always came up short, finding only brief, temporary relief which led me deeper into quiet despair. I sought relief from emotional pain and the overarching heaviness that pervaded my life by all sorts means; alcohol, drugs, food, love, shopping, dieting, etc. – always trying to numb the inside and mask the outside – a losing battle which only compounded the desperation and defeat.

Throughout the years, I was diagnosed with dysthymic disorder (type of depression), bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder, anxiety, and OCD tendencies. I have been on a myriad of medications from anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, anti-anxiety medications, A.D.D. meds and anti-psychotic medications. It was a terribly painstaking process to continuously search for the right concoction of medications to make me appear and feel “normal” (whatever that means) and to function in this world.

Then there were the many hours in the counseling room (with many different secular and Christian counselors) attempting to reach the root cause of my life’s trouble only to end up having rearranged some of the top soil. Not to fault or discredit any of the well educated, well-intentioned doctors, counselors and recovery programs I worked with because there were many good things that came from them - there was some healing, there was some relief and there was some growth. However, none of these avenues could scratch the surface of what Jesus has been able to do and has done through Upwards Counseling (and the Anazao counseling model).

When I came to Upwards Counseling, I had been free from illicit drugs and alcohol for nearly 6 years and had made some real progress in dealing with past personal sin and in achieving some significant resolution regarding deep resentments I had been carrying However, with even some measure of new freedom, I was still locked into a lot of emotional pain and depression which kept me on all sorts of prescribed medications.

Just before coming to Upwards Counseling I had weaned myself (with the doctors approval), yet again, off of most of those prescribed psychiatric medications. I had done this over and over throughout the years wanting desperately to be “normal. I always had to return to the medication.

Today; however, because of the power of Jesus Christ and through the Anazao counseling model, I am free! As I continue on in the counseling, I am reaching new levels of freedom I didn’t know were possible. It keeps getting better. I have been off all medication for about a year now with not even a hint of needing to go back. I can drink alcohol responsibly. I am losing weight easily and naturally. I don’t have this constant battle raging inside me. I can hear the voice of God and discern his truth without having to sift through the noise, distractions and interruptions in my mind. I thought this was typical to have continuous thoughts racing through my head . While today my brain is still active and I think, I know now what it means to have peace and quiet on the inside. I can feel true feelings. I have confidence today. I know who I am. People treat me differently. They treat me with worth because I am worthy and I know it. The shame, guilt, rejection, abandonment, doubt and worry I have operated out of my entire life no longer exist for me. That is a miracle!! Today I operate from a place of truth, trust, acceptance and joy. I never understood… I would ask God what is joy? Where is joy? Today I have true joy! Today I don’t have to try and remember to smile, it just comes naturally… and I laugh a lot! My daughter asks me why are you laughing and my typical response is “I’m just happy”. I have never been able to honestly say those words in my life until recently. I am excited to find out what’s next on this incredible journey. Jesus saved my life and then he restored it here on this earth through Anazao in such a short time that I sometimes can’t believe it has happened."
~ KM in North Carolina